Jammin in a Gym

With THE BEAT Brothers

JAMMIN’ (verb)  –  To improvise freely in the moment.
GYM (noun) -  A large indoor activity.

Take a generous helping of music and an audience of 300.  Pour into a large gymnasium and stir in some blues, jazz, world beat and soul.  Spice generously with mask, mime, comedy & dance.  Cook for 45 minutes with audience participation (as required).  Let cool for ten minute question period.  And  Presto!  A mouth watering musical feast for all to enjoy! (k to 8).

Jammin In A Gym takes the audience on a lively tour of some of the world’s best loved music.  Drawing on their unique musical and theatrical backgrounds Peter Jarvis & Mark Sepic have merged their talents to create this varied program.

SHOW LENGTH:  45 Minutes & 10 min. Q&A.
SPACE: Gym with plug outlet.
WORKSHOPS:  Available.

Peter Jarvis

…has been a performer & facilitator since 1979.  using mime, dance, clown and mask have allowed him to work extensively in television.  Peter has worked as a writer and performer on shows such as Sesame Street, Cannes award winner Vid Kids, YTV, Mission Reading (TVO), Cirque de Soleil, and the Journal (CBC).  Peter continues to enjoy performing with symphonies and has toured internationally with stage performances in countries like Poland, Hawaii, Turkey, England, Bermuda and the U.S.  Peter is also a founding member of The Subtonic Monks, whose performances have exceeded 800 shows.

Mark Sepic

Mark Sepic has been teaching and performing since 1980. A devout guitarist and composer, he has performed and collaborated in settings ranging from modern dance and theatre to numerous pop and jazz recordings and broadcasts. His ensembles have appeared regularly on nightclub and festival stages, including twelve consecutive years at the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival, while his solo shows and special projects have taken him as far as Germany, Cuba and Singapore. As an arts educator, Mark has distilled his rich and diverse experience into an integrated arts program, which has introduced countless students and teachers to the irresistible joys of music. His two self-produced CD’s, “El Vaco” and “Blue Mantra” are airing nationally on CBC radio and Jazz FM, and regionally on numerous world music programs. Mark earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts/Music from York University and continues to study, travel and compose.