• Classical
  • New Age
  • Jazz/Swing
  •  Blues/ R&B
  • Cajun/New Orleans
  • Classic Rock
  • Latin
  • Flamenco
  • Cuban (or Buena Vista Social Club style)
  • Brazilian ( mellow Bossa Nova or danceable Samba)
  • Tango ( classic steamy dances from Argentina)
  • Worldbeat ( dream up your own styles of gourmet fusion!)

Mark’s Musical Services:

A full range, from Easy-Listening Atmospheres, to High-Energy Fun, starting from a solo guitarist, to duo, trio or larger combinations with made-to-order instrumentation, including bass, drums, latin percussion, vocals, flute, sax, clarinet, trumpet, keyboards, harmonica, or strings.

All of the above styles can be played by a duo or trio, but for dance parties, a quartet or quintet is recommended. Trained dancers and dance instructors are available for the Latin Musics, even a Costume Ball Presentation for a Brazilian style Carnival.

We can also provide made to order theme nights, from open-mike coffee  houses and soothing new-age sound environments to team building drum circles with optional make-and-take percussion novelties.

We are always happy to help with planning, so that, given proper notice,  every detail – including sound systems, load-in requirements, scheduling of speeches, etc. – is given our full attention, to ensure a care-free event with minimum hassle and maximum fun.

For additional information: Contact Mark