Mark Sepic’s O.C.D.  (Obsessive Creative Disorder)

Musician, artist and obsessive recycler Mark Sepic shares songs, stories and quirky musical fantasies in a one man concert, featuring his “Junkestra”, a collection of tuneful trash. Rear Screen “Id Cartoons”, high tech electronics and hot rod guitars from junk shops accompany this quixotic vision quest for meaning, soul and humour in times of hype and spin.
Cast: Mark Sepic
Genre: Sketch, Musical
Warning: Mature Language, Audience Participation
Venue 5: The Solo Room (at the Randolph Academy)
Show Length : 60 min.


Thu, July 7 9:30 PM 506
Sun, July 10 4:30 PM 517
Mon, July 11 9:15 PM 523
Tue, July 12 5:00 PM 524
Wed, July 13 8:15 PM 530
Thu, July 14 4:30 PM 532
Sat, July 16 2:45 PM 540
Sun, July 17 4:00 PM 546