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Jazz, Blues & The Cosmic Muse

Jazz, Blues & The Cosmic Muse

Multi-award winning harmonica player Carlos Del Junco and guitarist/sound sculptor Mark Sepic join forces in a re-telling of our musical traditions, lovingly re-shaped by their off-road styling. Blessed with a profound love, devotion and mastery of their instruments and respective canon, along with a twenty year association in their duo melting pot, they bring a...
Mark Sepic's O.C.D.

Mark Sepic’s O.C.D.

Mark Sepic’s O.C.D.  (Obsessive Creative Disorder) Musician, artist and obsessive recycler Mark Sepic shares songs, stories and quirky musical fantasies in a one man concert, featuring his “Junkestra”, a collection of tuneful trash. Rear Screen “Id Cartoons”, high tech electronics and hot rod guitars from junk shops accompany this quixotic vision quest for meaning, soul...